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I have always had a fascination with sales. I’m not driven by the money, however helping people by providing a knowledgeable service is what I really enjoy the most. When I decide to take on a task. I don’t just take the product out and canvas the area with it. I learn all I can about what it is I’m doing and then I go out and tell others about it with all the knowledge possible. If I can not 100% stand behind what I’m doing, then I don’t back it at all.

When I was a young boy growing up. I would go out in my neighborhood and tell everyone I would come across about the new item or service I was promoting. I would never force a sale. I would listen to all the rebuttals and politely answer them all with legitimate facts and details. Most of the time the sales would come easy. Honestly I believe my success rate was around 80%. I sold everything from knick knack room deodorizers to shine mits for your car or boat. I even sold the candy bars and gift wrap from my school fundraisers. My friends knew when I was doing this that if they wanted to do nas well as I did. That they would have to go out further then I had gone. One year I had done so well for myself. I had won t he top spot in my grade school. ( the prize wasn’t worth all the work I did)

Brian Elliott

As I grew older my voice deepened and I noticed I was gifted in a commanding presence when I spoke. People took notice of what I said and would pay attention to what was being offered up. I believed this is a gift, not everyone had that. I also became very good at reading people most of the time. Another great gift I had was the ability to encourage others and lift them up when they felt down. This helped to benefit me with sales.

This all helped me in my teenage years. I started a lawn care business. In the beginning it was just me, a push hand mower, a push hand edger, a broom , a rake and trash bags. By the time I sold off my business. I had three people working for me. A broken down old van and trailer. Two riding mowers, two push power mowers, a power edger, two weed eaters, two blowers. I let it all go to my friend for $1500.00 WHAT A DEAL !

When I turned 18 years old. I joined the Navy and served for 7 years active duty. When I was set for my last set of duty. I was given the opportunity to be a recruiter. I turned it down even though I knew I would more then excel doing it. I just couldn’t bring myself to out right lie to those young people to get them to sign on the dotted line. So I ended my service and became a civilian. What did I do once I was discharged? You guessed it. I started selling again along with other odd jobs and poor decisions. I sold everything from Kirby Vacuums to Water purification systems. The most difficult thing about that was having to go back out and take the equipment back because the person’s credit score did not qualify the sale.

I’ve also dabbled in telemarketing for awhile. That was not hard I felt because I enjoyed talking to others. Yes there is rejection, but you could not take it personal. Sometimes people have a bad day or something along those lines.

I have always wanted to own my own business as far back as I could remember. I have tried many, many different things along the way towards wealthy Affiliate. I have tried owning a business offering vitamins and supplements. I have found many people don’t really like taking supplements. The products were also way over priced for good sales. I also tried selling bottles on vitality in a bottle. Way over priced for snake oil. Just did not work for me. I owned a hand crank vending company. I did ok in the beginning but as I expanded I had to drive further away to service the machines.

I had to deal with theft, competition, spoilage, and even corruption from clients. I was servicing a machine at a clients business and was strong armed about not paying them for floor space. So I got out of that mess. I even started my own local website. I was doing it all. setting up accounts, writing content, collecting money, negotiating sales, web design, graphics, you name it-I did it. It became way to much hassle. I got burned out for what little I did.

So what brought me to Wealthy Affiliate

While I was working in a call center in Grapevine Texas. I had a stroke one day and my days were numbered after that. I ended up with PTSD and short term memory loss as well as sciatic lower back problems. I stumbled on a great product that helps with sciatica and varicose veins. It is called a leg ramp. You blow it up and use it to relieve the symptoms of the lower back and legs. I also became a Type II diabetic, which is one reason I started my diabetic website. I was able to stay at the call center for about another year and because my stats were not high enough I was let go. I’m now on permanent disability both through the VA and through the State of Texas. I’m able to meet my bills but not else left over.

Wealthy Affiliate was offered to me in a text. I looked it over and tried it out. It fit into my budget nicely. I joined in November of 2018 and quickly became a premium member before my discounted first month was over with. I chose to pay monthly because of my budget. I raced through the training and have not looked back once. The support and training that is offered is second to none. You learn something new almost everyday.

I’m currently operating 2 website and am a blogger. They are & I’m still working toward my first sale, commision, and referral. My downfall with that at the moment happens to be lack of content. That is the one big key to all of the success at Wealthy Affiliate. I’m not writing nearly as much as I should be. It is recommended that you write at least 3 posts per website a week. If I’m lucky I get out about 1 post every couple of weeks.

If you want to look into all that Wealthy affiliate has to offer click the button below and try it out for FREE to see if you like it.

What Does The Future Hold

This business for me will continue to grow over the months and years ahead. I will continue to improve on what I have started . I will take courses and further education to offer up a better product to all my readers. I’m not sure as of yet if I want to sell off websites to others or just keep building additional websites on subjects I’m familiar with.

I am considering running a e-commerce website and doing drop shipping in the near future. Before I venture out to attempt it. I want to be very well skilled in blogging. I also plan to invest seed money into my business to improve the look and feel of the websites.

I also believe in helping all people in need. One thing I do stand behind and endorse strongly are trying to stop those damn robocalls. I recently bought a kit that every time you get a robocall. You gather as much detail as you can with the caller. Then after the call you investigate it and send off a cease and desist letter. Telling the caller you will be taken to court and sued for damages. You can receive anywhere from $500- $1500 or more in damages. The robocall will negotiate to stay out of court and stop additional fines from the FCC. I take all calls from these fools everytime now. It’s like Christmas time when the phone rings.

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