How To Reverse Diabetes Fast

reversing diabetes

The main reason I created this website is to bring things about this subject into a richer focus and to offer new things and materials that actually work. Which can help you clear up and break free from this disease. We will investigate all types of diabetes. Everything from Type I & II, Gestational Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, Juvenile diabetes, and K-9 Diabetes ( yes dogs can get this too).

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This post, How To Reverse Diabetes Fast will focus on different ways to reverse this disease. I personally have a better focus and understanding on the subject of diabetes. I have been a type II diabetic for 13 years. I was diagnosed in 2007. I take several different types of medication as well as insulin. I personally can’t stand this disease. It effects everything in your body, some way or the other. Not to mention having to deal with needles and pin sticking, that is uncomfortable. Plus the Mood swings that go along with it.I also have a link I would like to share with you to help you reverse this disease. Head on over and grab your copy today !

We will dive into everything that can help with getting off of the medications. Regarding diet, exercise, homopathic medication, and other things not yet discussed. There will be many different links to other companies and there products, so be looking for that as well. these other vendors are here to help you and are here to offer a great deal to you. I have created a free stuff page for diabetics and a page for clean eating and vegan diets. You are more then welcome to put your favorites there if you have something. Just send me a comment and I will be happy to include you.


I researched this topic extensively and found many doctors and specialist all saying the exact same things about reversing diabetes. It is done through diet and exercise. But I did happen to find a short video clip that will sum things up much better I feel.This short clip was created by Yuri Elkaim. I hope you all enjoy and learn something as I did.


clean eating
clean eating

Emergency Treatment For Diabetes

If not treated quickly enough, fluctuations in blood glucose levels can lead to a person with diabetes becoming sick and losing consciousness.

The two conditions associated with diabetes are:

  • hypoglycemia – low blood glucose
  • hyperglycemia – high blood glucose.

The more common emergency is hypoglycemia which affects brain function and can lead to unconsciousness and even death, if left untreated.

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a life threatening complication in patients with untreated diabetes or improperly managed diabetes. It is most common among type 1, but it can also occur in type 2 if the body becomes physiologically stressed, for example during an infection.

Look at the following table to see a comparison of the signs and symptoms of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Signs and Symptoms of Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia

[ Hyperglycemia ] [ Hypoglycemia ]

***Blurred Vision ***Tingling Lips

***Frequent Need To Pass Urine ***Feeling Shaky and Irritable

***Dry Mouth ***Hunger

*** Extreme Thirst ***Sweating

***Drowsiness ***Nausea


Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)

Hypoglycemia occurs when any insulin in the body has moved too much glucose out of the bloodstream and blood glucose levels have become very low (less than 4 mmol/l). This can usually be because the patient has taken too much insulin, exercised too vigorously, or consumed alcohol on an empty stomach. This is commonly called a “hypo”. Usually hypoglycemia can be corrected simply by eating or drinking something with a high glucose content. Most likely a pony sized coke or a fun sized candy bar. If hypoglycemia is not corrected, it can progress to more advanced symptoms such as slurred speech, confusion and ultimately unconsciousness. If the patient should loose consciousness and nothing is done to bring the person back from the episode. A stroke or heart attack can result.They will need to have an emergency injection of a hormone called glucagon to raise the level of glucose in their blood.

How To Reverse Diabetes

Some people with diabetes are at particular risk of hypoglycemia:

people not using glucose lowering therapies correctly (e.g. dose or timing

people who have poor awareness of hypoglycemia symptoms
people with a learning disability

those who vary their eating or exercise patterns

older people, particularly those in the early stages of dementia

people with poor mental health

people who fast (e.g. during Ramadan)

people with alcohol-related health problems

people with poor injection technique
those who frequently experience hypoglycemia, even if they are able to treat themselves )

women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Hyperglycemia (high blood glucose)

Hyperglycemia occurs when the body cannot produce any, or enough, insulin to regulate blood glucose. Consequently blood glucose levels become too high. This happens when there is no insulin to move glucose out of the bloodstream and into the cells to produce energy. The symptoms of hyperglycemia are similar to the main symptoms of diabetes but they can come on suddenly and severely. If left untreated, hyperglycemia can lead to diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), which can eventually cause unconsciousness and even death, stroke, or heart attack. Hyperglycemia can occur for several reasons including:

  • eating too much
  • being unwell, no exercise
  • steroid use e.g. prednisolone.
clean eating

If left untreated, hyperglycemia untreated can lead to a hyperosmolar, hyperglycemic state. People with type 2 diabetes are extremely unlikely to develop diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and are more likely to develop Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic State or HHS. Like DKA, this condition is also life threatening with a high mortality rate.

Diabetic Ketoacidosis Treatment

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA)

DKA is a life threatening complication in people with untreated diabetes or improperly/difficult to managed diabetes. It is most common in type 1 diabetes but it can also occur in type 2. The difference between hyperglycaemia and DKA relates to the level of ketones and dehydration.Severe dehydration can be accompanied by a dry mouth condition to that of cotton mouth. A good way to always avoid this is by keeping the patient well hydrated daily.

People with undiagnosed type 1 diabetes present to hospitals with DKA. DKA can also occur in people with diabetes who have an overwhelming infection or in people who have miss administered their insulin doses. Before insulin injections became available, DKA was a major cause of death in patients with type 1 diabetes. DKA mimics the signs and symptoms of newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes and if not corrected, DKA progresses to more advanced symptoms of laboured breathing (Kussmaul respiration), coma and eventually, death.

The signs and symptoms of DKA include:

  • feeling sluggish progressing to extreme tiredness
    oral thrush or yeast infections that won’t resolve
  • extreme thirst, despite large fluid intake
  • constant urination (may include bedwetting)
  • oral thrush or yeast infections that won’t resolve
  • muscle wasting
    fruity smell to breath (similar to the smell of nail polish remover)
  • extreme weight loss
  • vomiting – this is a late sign and at this point, DKA is life threatening and medical attention should be sought immediately.

If you suspect that someone has DKA, they need medical assistance immediately and particularly if they are unable to keep fluids down. DKA in pregnancy and children can be lethal so requires an emergency hospital admission.

While I was researching this subject. There were both skeptic and scientific studies with all types of Doctors nation wide that weighed in with there findings. What I will do is place videos in here and let the reader make there own decission. Please remember if you are a diabetic. You can use this supplement just be sure to check with your doctor first.

Final Thoughts

As we have learned today, that there are several ways how to reverse diabetes fast. Through proper diet, exercise,& support system. There is no quick fix or wonder pill. You just have to dig in and do it. Sure we would all love to look and feel better. We also don’t want to continue to stick ourselves with needles and lancets. We also can’t continue down this unhealthy path many of us have chosen. That can result in Kidney failure, lost limbs , blindness, heart attack, stroke or even death. We just added a new section to all the posts. If you missed an article or want to re read something scroll down below the final thoughts and the articles will be highlighted to re read or go over.

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  1. Marlinda Davis says:

    Hey Brian! This was a very interesting and informative article about how to reverse diabetes. I always thought diabetes was something that stuck with you once you were diagnosed with it. I am wondering if the Keto diet would be a good thing when it comes to managing diabetes. What are your thoughts/recommendations when it comes to that?

    • admin says:

      Hello Marlinda:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed reading the article i wrote. I’m also happy you enquired about the keto diet. It just so happens I have a good friend of mine that WAS type II diabetic. I have asked him to write down his results and he agreed to do so. I do not believe I will hear anything back from him until after easter. Please make sure you go back to the website and sign up for the email so you get all my latest updates. That way you will not miss anything.

      Thanks again.

      Brian Elliott

  2. alexandra says:

    This is an amazing article on how to reverse diabetes. You truly know what you are talking about. I am sorry that you have to go through this but I am glad that you have decided to share what you know with others to try and help them.

    I have heard of garcinia cambogia before but only as a weight loss supplement not for diabetes. This is very interesting. I hope more people will read this article on how to reverse diabetes as you offer some great information on the subject. 

    Thank you for sharing.

    • admin says:

      Hello Alexandra:

      I do have plenty to share and it keeps growing. Mmake sure you sign up for updates and look all over the site there is great other stuff listed. This is such a terrible disease. It effects all of the body in some way or the otherbut it can be reversed and you can feel better in the end doing it. 

      Thanks again.

      Brian Elliott 

  3. Adyns68 says:

    My mum has diabetes and it is really a bad position. Because it affects the body badly sometimes, especially for old people like her. But she has been fine for a while now. She has been doing mostly what you advise here, she changed her diet and she goes for exercise and massage weekly. So we thank God that it is working well.

    So yes, you can have diabetes and have a better health by taking care of yourself. This will help you manage it and with time even reverse it.


    • admin says:

      Hello Adyn:

      Thank you for your comments and for looking over the site. be sure to save my website and sign up for updates there comming. let your mother know about the site and anyone else you can think of. I am well experienced about this nasty disease. I’m doing all I can to help others that deal with this.

      Thanks Again.

      Brian Elliott

  4. Kris says:

    I always thought it was possible to reverse diabetes, this post gives people hope who have the condition.

    With a good diet and good planning and support, you should be able to manage the condition quite well!

    Have you got your diabetes under control?  What foods make the condition worsen?

    I have a few friends who are on insulin full time, but I almost think the insulin makes it so they can still eat a crazy diet.

    They depend on the constant control of the machine, they aren’t really getting any better!

    What do you think?

    I watched this video and found it really interesting, diet and exercise is the answer! I will share this post with my friends!

    • admin says:

      Hello Kris:

      Many people feel hopeless from being diabetic. I know I did when I was first diagnosed in 2007.

      I must say, Kris you gave some very good feedback and to answer your questions. The foods to avoid are anything made with white flour, sugar obviously, frutose corn syrup, high carbs. My diet personally is a plant based diet, with no meat or dairy or as little as possible. Sure I am not always able to eat vegan. I may have to have a meal out with regular food but the very next time I eat it is vegan.

      To answer your other question unfortunately no I still take a hand full of meds and insulin. but my diet and exercise are continually improving. I also use some effective suppliments as well. Please tell everyone you talk to that deals with diabetes about this site make sure you go back and sign up on the email list so you can get the latest updates and things that are comming.

      Thanks again.

      Brian Elliott

  5. Raquel says:

    Hi Brian. This is very rich content and well research. Glad to know that there is a natural way to reverse diabetes. This is a lot of help for anyone suffering from this thought non-reversible disease.
    I am surprised that garcinia cambogia has a benefit for diabetes, I thought it is intended for losing weight. Indeed, very informative article.
    Hope to visit your site again for more info about diabetes.

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